At long, long last, my magnum opus has seen the light of day. Horn Technique: A New Approach to an Old Instrument is now available on in both paperback (447 p.) and Kindle (eBook) formats (if you order the paperback, you can get the Kindle version too for only $0.99 more). It took about 17 years in the making, 10+ drafts, and a sabbatical to finally get in all down, but it’s finally done, and I can get on to its complementary volume The Creative Hornist.

The book’s website ( is not up yet; soon, I hope. Stay tuned!

My book is almost ready for prime time. The content is finished, layout and formatting all done; all we are waiting for is the final version of the cover from the cover designer.

The count down and announcement will be here and on Facebook; the two versions (paperback and eBook) should be released nearly simultaneously on I will also advertise it later in The Horn Call. The book is 447 pages (paperback version), in 11 parts with 48 chapters plus a lot of extra articles and resource material in the Appendix.

It’s taken me about 15 years to finally put all this together, but it’s finally done. Now I can get on to the next book: The Creative Hornist, which is actually about 2/3’s done. I have a bit more content to finish, then proofread and edit, and have a cover made for it. I want to get that done so that I can finally get going on all the material I gathered a year ago when I was on sabbatical studying rhythm. Lots to do.

Stay tuned for further announcements!

Horn Technique by Jeffrey Agrell

Part XI – Resources

I. Basics

II. Appendix: Articles

III. Further Study

IV. Summary of Nearly Everything

Note to Readers: If…

Horn Technique by Jeffrey Agrell

Part X: Peak Performance

Chapter 44: Lizard Brain: Why we get nervous

Chapter 45: Getting control of the drunken monkey

Chapter 46: Practicing without the horn

Chapter 47: Archery, Csikszentmihalyi, and What’s Really Important, Anyway

Chapter 48: Peak Performance Bibliography

Horn Technique by Jeffrey Agrell

Part IX: Performance Session

Chapter 41: Sight-reading: A plan

Chapter 42: Transposition: Eat the frog

Chapter 43: Improvisation