My book is almost ready for prime time. The content is finished, layout and formatting all done; all we are waiting for is the final version of the cover from the cover designer.

The count down and announcement will be here and on Facebook; the two versions (paperback and eBook) should be released nearly simultaneously on I will also advertise it later in The Horn Call. The book is 447 pages (paperback version), in 11 parts with 48 chapters plus a lot of extra articles and resource material in the Appendix.

It’s taken me about 15 years to finally put all this together, but it’s finally done. Now I can get on to the next book: The Creative Hornist, which is actually about 2/3’s done. I have a bit more content to finish, then proofread and edit, and have a cover made for it. I want to get that done so that I can finally get going on all the material I gathered a year ago when I was on sabbatical studying rhythm. Lots to do.

Stay tuned for further announcements!

Horn Technique by Jeffrey Agrell

Part XI – Resources

I. Basics

II. Appendix: Articles

III. Further Study

IV. Summary of Nearly Everything

Note to Readers: If…

Horn Technique by Jeffrey Agrell

Part X: Peak Performance

Chapter 44: Lizard Brain: Why we get nervous

Chapter 45: Getting control of the drunken monkey

Chapter 46: Practicing without the horn

Chapter 47: Archery, Csikszentmihalyi, and What’s Really Important, Anyway

Chapter 48: Peak Performance Bibliography

Horn Technique by Jeffrey Agrell

Part IX: Performance Session

Chapter 41: Sight-reading: A plan

Chapter 42: Transposition: Eat the frog

Chapter 43: Improvisation

Horn Technique by Jeffrey Agrell

Part VIII: Problem Solving Session: Repertoire

Chapter 40: Problem solving tools