Horn Technique by Jeffrey Agrell

Part XI – Resources

I. Basics

II. Appendix: Articles

III. Further Study

IV. Summary of Nearly Everything

Note to Readers: If…

Horn Technique by Jeffrey Agrell

Part X: Peak Performance

Chapter 44: Lizard Brain: Why we get nervous

Chapter 45: Getting control of the drunken monkey

Chapter 46: Practicing without the horn

Chapter 47: Archery, Csikszentmihalyi, and What’s Really Important, Anyway

Chapter 48: Peak Performance Bibliography

Horn Technique by Jeffrey Agrell

Part IX: Performance Session

Chapter 41: Sight-reading: A plan

Chapter 42: Transposition: Eat the frog

Chapter 43: Improvisation

Horn Technique by Jeffrey Agrell

Part VIII: Problem Solving Session: Repertoire

Chapter 40: Problem solving tools


Horn Technique by Jeffrey Agrell

Part VII: Planning technical development practice sessions

Chapter 34: Taking inventory of horn technique

Chapter 35 :In defense of variety

Chapter 36: Smart practice: interleaving and spaced repetitions

Chapter 37: Flashcard system: what to practice when

Chapter 38: Sample warm-up and workout sessions

Chapter 39: Building range and endurance