Soundings: My new CD!

My new CD “Soundings” was just released on the MSR Classics label (

Booklet.qxdIt is an exploration of a new area for me: horn plus the use of various electronic effects to experiment with new timbres, new means of expression.

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Drone Tone Tool


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English: Study of a three-quarter size cello. ...

New online tool for musicians: Drone Tone Tool ( It’s free (donations welcome) and provides an endless low cello tone on any chromatic pitch as a reference tone. For lagniappe, there is also a metronome that you can engage along with the tone.

Kudos and thanks to Theodore Benson, a violinist from Seattle, for this musical tool.

Classical Improv Jam Two 5 (horn + frog guiro)

Classical Improv Jam Two 4 (horn + percussion thingys)

Classical Improv Jam Two 3 (Horn + percussion thing)