Classical Improv Jam 1 (drone + melody)

Book Reports

The UI Horn Studio generally does some kind of special project every semester, sometimes two. This fall it was improv games. For spring the students are pairing up and giving book reports on certain books that I am assigning. They’re all great books – highly recommended for you, for every/anybody.

MasteryMastery by Robert Greene

Make It Stick by Peter C. Brown

Nerve by Taylor Clark

Philip Farkas & His Horn by Nancy Jordan Fako

Dennis Brain by Stephen J. Gamble & William C. Lynch

The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle

Talent Is Overrated by Geoff Colvin

Interview with Arkady Shilkloper by Sarah Willis at her Horn Hangout

Arkady Shilkloper’s New “Vogelhorn” (video)

Free January 2014 desktop calendar

(Photo credit: sarah_hennessey)

Catch up time. Or making a first start on catching up. It’s been a busy year and getting busier, which is a feature, not a bug. I’m a big fan of doing stuff. Let’s pick up some of the action since the beginning of this calendar year. Second semester has a different flavor than first semester. Both semesters have as core activities horn lessons, horn seminar, and Iowa Brass Quintet. Fall semester adds my Creativity in Music class and my freshman seminar Weird Music, both near and dear to my heart. Fall is football season, go Hawks! Spring frees up all those Saturdays. Spring is horn choir, Improvisation for Classical Musicians, IBQ touring, and visits to other universities and conferences (workshops, presentations, performances).

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