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Economies and societies grow from innovation. People innovate when they have experience in creativity. And creativity comes from experience in creative arts. The math here is about as simple as it could be, but politicians of late have been energetic in their efforts to cut funding to the arts and education, like that guy who decided that he could lose weight quickly by cutting off his head. Very quick, very effective in the very short run, and disastrous in the long run.

Thus I am overjoyed when somewhere, a folk comes to its sense and promotes quality of life and the well-being of society. I just read that there is a fund call Music Generation in Ireland (supported by the band U2 among others) that raised millions of Euros for music education programs. It was launched in 2009 with a $9,000,000 donation by U2.

Quote: “Music Generation is a great example of how when we put our heads together we can deliver really exciting arts in education programs in new and innovative ways through partnership.

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“Children and young people’s creativity can be unlocked by music. It is a core element of education, but music also offers much more. The development of musical skills can help young people to achieve their potential in the area of ICT and computer programming. The Department of Education and Skills remains committed to the long-term development of Music Generation and will commence co-funding the initiative with Local Music Education Partnerships from July 2014 beginning initially with Louth, Mayo and Sligo.”

“There is music in all of us, but it often takes some lessons from an inspired music teacher to open this World to young people. We are very proud that Music Generation, working with our many crucially important local and national partners, have so far been able to provide high quality music lessons to over 15,000 children across the country.”

“Music Generation is transforming the quality of life for so many children and young people – Ireland’s ‘music generation’ of the future.”


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