Documentary of the history of the Los Angeles film studio horn players from the 1920s through the 1960s. “Featuring …interviews with LA music legends, the film follows the development of the motion picture industry…”

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The roaring twenties… California’s economy was booming. Hollywood became the epicenter of filmmaking. Silent films had gained great acclaim, and musicians were hired to play in the theatre to provide a live soundtrack for the movie. As technology advanced, studios began to record sound on the set, and the musicians would record the score off camera while the actors filmed their scenes on camera. Later, the soundtrack was recorded separately and added to the film in post production.

It was during this period that musicians began relocating from all over the world to Hollywood. This epic era of talent, marked by some of the world’s legendary actors, actresses, directors, and musicians, became know as The Golden Years of Hollywood. Spanning from the 1920’s to the 1960’s, this era set the stage as Hollywood’s most productive. Studios during the 1920’s and 30’s produced around 800 films per year.

Billions of people have seen Gone with the Wind, but few know the names of the musicians behind this great music. 1M1: Hollywood Horns of the Golden Years is a documentary film that takes you through the history of Hollywood studio musicians via film music’s most prominent orchestral instrument – the French horn. Featuring numerous interviews with Los Angeles music legends, the film follows the development of the motion picture industry and its battles with the musicians’ union. This groundbreaking film uncovers many of the brilliant, never before acknowledged, horn soloists of the big screen.


“Cast” includes Jim Decker, Vince DeRosa, Fred Fox, George Hyde, Jim Thatcher, John Williams and more.