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I’ve written a fair number of posts since I began this blog in 2009, some short, some videos, some article-length. In any case, although there is a search function to find old posts, it’s also nice just to be able to scan the titles and see what’s there. So starting now and in the next few days, I will post lists of all posts for each year so far: 2009 through 2013.



All the World’s a Stage

Spicing Up the Routine

Tabata: Pain?! = Gain! Horn?

The Alchemy of Synergy, Part II

The Alchemy of Synergy, Part I

Horn Fartlek

Tech Dreams

Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain

What If…?

Less is More, Or: It’s the Principle of the Thing

Something Different II

Moving and Music Making

Something Different I

Horn Player’s Preventative Maintenance

Quotations for Musicians

Outlier Lessons

Supporting Arts Education

Reflective Practice

The Beauty of the Beast

Ramp Up Your Amygdala, Or: Eyes Wide Shut

Unburied Treasure

Prey or Predator?


That’s Different: Tales & Scales Horn Audition

How to Impress Your Teacher

15 Second Sight Reading Routine

Horn Camp

Three Pillars of Performance

Trick Question

Beyond Kopprasch

Talent Is Overrated & The Truth About Grit

Taking the Easy Way Out in Education

Welcome/Who Plays What

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