2010 Horn Insights posts (in reverse chronological order: highest are newest)


Holiday Musical Cheer

Power (of) Play

Shortcut Culture

Taking Inventory

That Would Be Wonderful

Definition of Insanity

Eat the Frog

Betrayed by Eyebrows

Apollo, Dionysus, and Music Ed

Music School of the Future

Parlez-Vous Transposition?

The Experience-Stretching Hypothesis

New Visions of Music Making

Happy Father’s Day/Confessions of a Reluctant Horner

Summer Horn

40 for 20

The Invisible Gorilla

Sprezzatura Time

Don’t Mind the Gap

Do You Speak Horn?

Winging It With Piet

Dangerous Things

Mozart Effect = Crap

Curb Your Enthusiasm?

Lights! Camera! Action!

Move It Move It

Richard St. John’s 8 Secrets of Success

Be Ready for That Wedding

Just Duet

Go, Team!

Facts of Life

Jumping on the Blog Wagon