This first Reveal of the Table of Contents of Horn Technique: A Systematic Approach will list all the major sections: there are 48 chapters, 11 Parts, plus an Appendix of 15 additional articles, plus lists of stuff for further study, and a finally summary. I list the Parts below; in coming days each part will be broken down into Chapters.

Horn Technique by Jeffrey Agrell: Contents – Overview

Epigraph – Dedication – Acknowledgements – Table of Contents – Preface

Part I: Introduction: What’s What and Why

Part II: How the Horn Works: Introduction to Valveless Technique

Part III: Music Theory Meets the Horn: Introduction to Valve Technique

Part IV: Practice!

Part V: Valveless Technique Development

Part VI: Valve Technique Development

Part VII: Planning Technical Development Practice Sessions

Part VIII: Problem Solving Session

Part IX: Performance Session

Part X: Peak Performance

Part XI: Resources