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I just discovered the blog (The Artist’s Road) of Patrick Ross, an expert on creativity and creative writing. His self-description: “I’m a writer chronicling his commitment to living an art-committed life, which includes a cross-coutnry road trip meeting with creatives of all stripes.”

One post (among many) caught my eye: “The Importance of Creativity in Education,” which you should read in its entirety at your first opportunity. Mr. Ross was in D.C. at the launch of STEAM, a interest group that expands the old STEM (science-technology-education-math) to include A for arts. Alleluia. The co-chairs of the caucus described the meeting as “A briefing on changing the vocabulary of education to include both art and science – and their intersections – to prepare our next generation of innovators to lead the 21st century economy.”

It more than makes my day to think that our elected officials are finally waking up to the power and necessity of including the arts as a pillar of education at every level. They may even catch up to the ancient Greeks some day.

A survey from the event said: 71% said creative thinking should be taught as a course like math and science; 82% wish they had had such a course; 91% said that focus on science and math is not enough; 85% said creative thinking is critical for problem solving in their career.

“…STEM subjects invite creative thinking, but …arts programs encourage it even more. … Why not assume the exposure to creative processes they receive in their A (for art) classes will assist them in their STEM classes?”

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