Library of Congress Horn & Brass Literature Call Numbers

Horn: ML955+

Horn History and Criticism: ML958

Horn Bibiliography: ML128 .H67

Horn Discography: ML156.4 .H7

Horn Instruction and Study: MT420+

Horn Instruction and Study for children: MT801 .H7

Horn and Piano music: M255+

Horn music: M80+, MT423, MT424

Concertos: M1028+, M1128+

Horn music for children: M1385 .H6

Brass Instruments: ML 933

Brass bibliography: ML 128 .B73

Brass dictionaries: ML 102 .B72

Brass instruction and study: MT 418

Brass instruction and study for children: MT 801 .B72


Brass trios: M357.4

Brass quartets: M457.4

Brass quintets: M557.4

Brass sextets: M657.4

Brass septets: M757.4

Brass octets: M857.4

Brass nonets: M957.4