TED@Sydney (Photo credit: TED Conference)

The original quote was title of a blog post by Australian Richard Gill: “Wake up, Australia, or we’ll have a nation of unimaginative robots.” I don’t know how I was unaware of this genius for so long, but I and we also should start paying attention to what he has to say. Start with his TED talk video. Brilliant! The blog post eloquently affirms what has been a recurring them of this blog over the years: the value of music and the arts in education. Apparently the US does not have a monopoly on short-sightedness, pennywise-pound foolish, Every Child Left Behind thinking that has infected our legislative representatives. Tell it like it is, Richard:

“It can be demonstrably proven that activities used in teaching for the national tests [like our standardized testing] destroy individuality, stifle creatvity, stultify thought and make all children respond in the same way – a sort of educational circus in which the children are the trained animals and the teachers the poorly paid ringmasters.”

Go, go, go:

“If we want a creative nation, an imaginative nation, a thinking nation and a nation of individuals, the we must increase the time for the arts education, especially music education. If we want a nation of non-imaginative robots who can do tests, then we are well on the way to achieve that condition.”

Read the original. Watch the TED video. Then write your Congressman.

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