Conn 8DProfessional players who play a Conn 8D (note: some players occur on more than one list because they play more than one kind of horn)

(from Who Plays What)

Bill Bernatis – University of Nevada, Las Vegas Philharmonic

Hans Clebsch –  Cleveland Symphony Orchestra

Oliver de Clercq – Vancouver Symphony Orchestra

Greg Flint – Elgin Symphony Orchestra

Randy Gardner – Cincinnati Conservatory

Anthony Halstead – Ex-London Symphony Orchestra

Pamela Howard – Boise Philharmonic

Patrick Hughes – University of Texas-Austin

Andrew Karr – Shanghai Broadcasting Symphony Orchestra

Richard King – Cleveland Symphony Orchestra

Bill Klingelhoffer – San Francisco Opera

Peter Kurau – Rochester Philharmonic

Jeffrey Lang – Philadelphia Orchestra

Jonathan Lipton – London Symphony Orchestra

Jesse McCormick – Cleveland Symphony Orchestra

Jennifer Montone – Philadelphia Orchestra

Joe Neisler – Illinois State University

Eric Overholt – L.A. Philharmonic

Gary Pattison – National Ballet of Canada Orchestra

Bill Paulick – Juneau Symphony Orchestra

Richard Perrisi – L.A. studio freelancer

Allen Spanier – New York Philharmonic

James Thatcher – University of Southern California, L.A. freelancer

Michael Thornton – Colorado Philharmonic