Who plays a Geyer, Rauch, Ricco Kuhn, or Mönnig?  (from Who Plays What. Players may appear on more than one of these lists because they play more than one kind of horn)


John Boden  – Portland Symphony Orchestra

James Cox – Israel Philharmonic

Neil Deland – Toronto Symphony Orchestra

Frank Donaruma – American Ballet Theatre Orchestra

Randall Faust – University of Western Illinois

Bill Hoyt – University of Akron (Schmidt model Geyer)

Linda Kimball – Madison Symphony Orchestra

Jonathan Menkis – Boston Symphony Orchestra

Jerry Montgomery – Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra

Jonathan Ring – San Francisco Symphony Orchestra

Richard Sebring – Boston Symphony Orchestra

James Sommerville – Boston Symphony Orchestra


Ilene Chanon – Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra

Benjamin Jaber – San Diego Symphony Orchestra

Jennifer Montone – Philadelphia Orchestra

Charles Putnam – Beethoven Orchester Bonn, American Horn Quartet

Julia Rose – Columbus Symphony Orchestra

Bernhard Scully – University of Illinois, ex-Canadian Brass

Jason Snider – Boston Symphony Orchestra

Laurence Solowey – Sarasota Symphony Orchestra

Frøydis Ree Wekre – Norwegian State Academy of Music

Ib Lanzky-Otto (ex-Stockholm Philharmonic)


ricco kuhnRicco Kuhn

Sarah Cranson – Houston Grand Opera Orchestra

Benito Diaz – Orquestra Sinfonica de Puerto Rico

Randy Gardner – Cincinnati Conservatory, ex-Philadelphia Orchestra (Ricco Kuhn triple)

Krystof Pipal – Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra (Ricco Kuhn triple)

Daniel Wood – L. A. freelance, Quadre



Egon Hellrung – Gürzenich Orchester Köln

Charles Putnam – Beethoven Orchester Bonn, American Horn Quartet

Michael Scheider – Dresdner Philharmonie

Peter Damm – ex-Dresden Staatskappelle (Mönnig single Bb)


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