Who Plays a Hill or a Berg?

(from Who Plays What. Some players on these lists are listed more than once because they play more than one kind of horn)


Karl Hill Horns (Kortesmaki)

Bruce Andrus – Atlanta Symphony (Hill triple)

Matthew Annin – Milwaukee Symphony Orhcestra

Lisa Bontrager – Penn State University (Hill triple)

Aaron Brant – Dayton Philharmonic (Hill Schmidt model)

Randy Gardner – Cincinnati Conservatory (Hill triple)

Karl Pituch – Detroit Symphony Orchestra (Hill triple)

Michelle Stebleton – Florida State University (Hill Schmidt model, Hill triple)

Adam Unsworth – University of Michigan (Hill Schmidt model, Hill single Bb)

Corbin Wagner – Detroit Symphony Orchestra

Robert Ward – San Francisco Symphony Orchestra (Hill Schmidt model, Hill descant)




Berg Horns

Joe Assi – Sarasota Symphony Orchestra

Wade Butin – Honolulu Symphony Orchestra

Lydia Van Dreel – University of Oregon, Eugene S.O. Quadre

Elizabeth Freimuth – Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

Gregory Hustis – Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Robert McCosh – Calgary Philharmonic

Jacek Muzyk – Houston Symphony Orchestra

Jason Snider – Boston Symphony Orchestra

Bill VerMeulen – Rice University, Houston Symphony Orchestra