Who Plays a Hoyer, Holton or Otto?

(from Who Plays What. Some players appear on more than one list because they play more than one kind of horn).



Myron Bloom – Indiana University

André Cazalet – Orchestre de Paris (Hoyer C1 triple)

Andreas Langosch – Dresden Staatskapelle (Hoyer 7801)

Erich Markwart – Dresden Staatskapelle (Hoyer 7802)

Rick Todd – University of Miami (Hoyers: 6801, 6802, 7801, 7802, RT91 descant)


Lisa Bontrager – Penn State University (Holton Merker H-276)

Anthony Chidell – London Philharmonic (Holton 188)

Randall Faust – University of Western Illinois (Holton 179 – Lawson lead pipe)

Tim Stidwell – Birmingham Philharmonic (Holton J104)



Robert Johnson – Sydney Symphony Orchestra

Andrew Joy – Cologne Radio Symphony Orchestra (Otto triple)

Eldon Matlick – University of Oklahoma (Otto descant)

Lasse Mauritzen – Danish National Radio Orchestra

Jeff Nelsen – Indiana University (Otto 180K-JN)

Geoffrey Winter – Beethoven Orchester Bonn